Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Marine Design training in Oslo (Norway) by Pivot Produktdesign AS

Rhino for Marine at Pivot Produktdesign AS
Oslo Norway, October 30th to November 1st

Course Outline: The course focuses on choosing the right strategy for a given task and using Rhino to its full potential. 

Much attention will be paid to topics specific to hull modeling, model quality, and surface analysis. 

This three-day course starts with a brief refresher on Rhino basics. Then we will move on to topology and using various tools to create high quality CAD models. 

Maxwell Render can be part of the curriculum if realistic rendering of vessels in the water rendering is a priority.

The course is adaptable, so we can include your specific modeling tasks upon request.

You should have at least three months experience using Rhino, or have completed McNeel’s Rhino Level 1 training. However, experience with other modeling software will make up for little or no Rhino experience.

Level: Beginner/intermediate.


Fredrik Wenstop - An industrial designer and certified Rhino trainer. He has experience in both product engineering and architecture. 

As an industrial designer, Fredrik gained his architectural skills while working at Snøhetta Architects in Oslo. Since then he has been involved in several building projects, and held training courses for several architect and design offices in Norway.

Liam Woolley - A design engineer with education from the automotive sector.

His specialty is developing and prototyping products and special fabrications within architecture. Liam also has long-time experience with rendering and visualizations, 3D modeling, and optimization through FEA.

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