Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fimbulvetr snow shoes, ready for this season

In March we did a post on Fimbulvetr snowshoes designed with Rhino (and Grasshopper). We finally met the designers and saw those delightful snowshoes up close. We were at our 2014 Rhino meeting in Spain -- a few days full of outstanding presentations, conferences, and networking. Two of the speakers were the brothers, Kristian Wenstøand Fredrik Wenstøp (Pivot Produkt Design), discussing the crampons, flotation, weights, and easy on-and-off. We were not disappointed and personally, I am ready to take up snowshoeing.

Now we are anxious to see who will sell them in the United States. Meanwhile, Fimbulvetr ships globally from their web site.

More information in Snowshoe Magazine article...