Thursday, November 13, 2014

AA Visiting School Jeddah - Makkah VS Makkah

Makkah vs Makkah
Monday – Thursday, February 2-12, 2015

Registration is now open to students and professionals alike who are interested in participating in an 11-day AA Visiting School design workshop in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, which taps and allows you rare access into the Saudi Kingdom.

Brief Outline

To imagine a city is to express more fully its living character, its essence, rooted in the everyday hustle and bustle that shape its formation. The imagination creates a place within a place, a sanctuary that expands our perception through transcending reality and broadening the horizon. The relationship between what is imagined in the city and what actually exists is fundamental to linking a place to its prospects. It enables these prospects to play a role in the discussion about the identity and peculiarities of the place.
We seek to discover Mecca as explorers and dig deep into collecting and unraveling what lies beneath the surface. The overall ambition of the visiting school is to compile a body of research about the city that lies beyond the holy mosque and to record and represent both the visible and invisible landscapes of the city, to explore the everyday life of the inhabitants and the pilgrims. We will venture to speculate and imagine the future of the city. The visiting school studio will collectively produce a section that cuts through the entire city, revealing the heart of the imagined city.
The workshop is open to current architecture and design students, PhD candidates, and young professionals. 

Software requirements: Adobe Creative Suite, Rhino (SR9 or later).

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