Monday, May 12, 2014

Performance Aided Design (PAD) Summer School in Aalborg (Denmark)

Aalborg University 
Woven + Reciprocal wooden structures
July 28 - August 15, Utzon Center, Aalborg, Denmark

The aim of the summer school is to apply new design tools in the field of reciprocal wooden structures. The design tools involve parametric design based on the application of Rhino and Grasshopper (PAD: Performance Aided Design)

The summer school's goal is to develop an experimental 1:1 scale prototype of a novel system that sits at the boundary of the typologies of woven and reciprocal structures, particularly promising concerning material and constructional efficiency.

The focus will be directed on the joint development and on the design and manufacturing of an architectural body whose formal appearance is determined by the specific properties of the material in use and by the response to an extensive array of performance factors.

Finite Element Method, iterative loops, in-house developed Grasshopper plug-ins, and physical models will be used while constantly looking and learning from the traditional culture of building in wood.

The application deadline extended to May 31st

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