Thursday, May 8, 2014

d.Nat Parametric Design workshops in Dubai

d.Nat is launching a couple of exciting workshops in Dubai in collaboration with Co-de-iT:

A Parametric Design workshop
May 15-17, 2014

The recent development of sophisticated computational design tools has instigated new ways of integrating computation in the design process; both within architecture and engineering disciplines. The new set of digital tools has infiltrated a bottom up system to open the design space towards a high level of complexity. The integration of these tools allowed the architect to generate and control complex information derived from a manifold of sources. Consequently, a more complex architectural order emerged as a reflection of sophisticated adaptive structures. 

Reparameterized is a 2.5-day workshop that has been designed for participants with no previous experience in Grasshopper or parametric design techniques. The program will introduce them to both the theoretical and technical knowledge required to explore possibilities of the new design medium. 

An Adaptive Ecologies Workshop
June 2-7, 2014

Over recent decades the city of Dubai has experienced an unprecedented process of development and exponential growth, bursting from a small town into the metropolis we know today. This evolutionary capital-driven expansion, catapulted by a determined push to prosperity, ruled out the realization of a global and unified master plan. Dubai is now an icon of futurism and opulence. The modern setting of Dubai is, however, directly adjacent to the organic fabric of its old town, creating a striking contrast in behavior and locale. While the old town expanded in an organic manner from the inside out, the new Dubai expansion is spreading in an orderly fashion from the outside in. This stark disparity between the two zones has resulted in a diversity of urban spaces. The current growth is gradually integrating into the existing fabric of the city, filling scale gaps within the new region and its connection to the old one. Whether directed outward or inward, growth is a characterizing, unique element worth investigating in the urban design of Dubai. 

EXPOn-tial is an Advanced Grasshopper workshop aims to explore the potential of growth processes and assess their application in the development of an urban fabric. Natural growth processes share common traits such as being non-linear, rule-based, and iterative. Drawing a parallel between natural systems behavior and computer growth processes such as branching systems, diffusion limited aggregation and other rule-based processes, we will develop non-linear growth processes and will evaluate the spatial results and forms across a wide range of scales - from Material to Urban scale. Behavior of growth processes will depend largely on material properties as it will influence clustering and distribution across a terrain.  The system will develop by assessing their potential character on a basic level of organization first, then developing it to work on adaptation processes of autonomous, coherent objects on a variety of scales.

Check also the results of the Adaptative Skins workshop organized recently by D-Nat, where participants had no background in Rhino, Grasshopper or parametric thinking.

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