Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Zoo 5 Service Release 8 available

Zoo 5 Service Release 8 contains two new features:
  1. License monitoring - Zoo 5 now allows users to monitor license usage from the convenience of their web browser. Just visit the status page, provided by your Zoo server, by entering http://<zoo_server_host_name>/status into your favorite web browser. For example, if your Zoo server's host name is, then you would enter into your web browser.
  2. Serial number exporting - Prior to Service Release 8, there was no way to export licensing information out of Zoo 5. Now, it is possible to export a comma-separated-value (csv) file that contains the serial numbers (not CD keys) of all licenses maintained by Zoo 5. This can be useful if you have difficulties in locating all of your product licenses. You can export the serial number and then email them to McNeel, who in turn can look up your misplaced license information.

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