Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mr.Comfy building performance data visualization

Mr.Comfy is a Grasshopper component, written in Python, for designers to interactively visualize thermal and climate-based daylight building simulation results data in Rhino design models.

Instead of using charts or tabular data, the energy consumption, comfort, and any other available performance report variables are directly displayed through color-coded surfaces (and numeric values) where they occurin the individual spaces of a design. 

Mr.Comfy 0.2 (daylight covisualization) has been recently released. According to Max C Doelling, "Comapping is really the word here, because the new component is not really designed to run on its own and without accompanying thermal input (though you can of course hide the thermal display if you want). This is not really a coding rationale, but the idea behind the new tool is to do things differently from stand-alone daylight mapping aps, since you’re probably using Mr.Comfy to primarily look at thermal data in the first place and might want to see a quick daylight overlay when appropriate. In the 0.2 release, most of the daylight time inputs are therefore slaved to the thermal component inputs, with overrides exposed where appropriate."

"Mr.Comfy basically plays well with DIVA, too, and probably will work with upcoming Honeybee/Ladybug releases, so we're getting a little ecosystem of those kind of tools going here."

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