Saturday, November 16, 2013

Change moods, change clothing colors -- there's an app for that!

Photography: Oscar Carmona
Barcelona-based textiles and technology design studio, Jorge & Esther, with the help of Rhino, have combined fashion and technology to create a mini clothing collection that playfully adapts to changes in your life.

Lüme is a daily wear collection made of simple black garments. The uniqueness is the tiny, flexible LEDs embedded in the fabric. They shine out through the detailing in the fabric layers in a soft glow, changing as you wish.

You control the built-in LEDs by a smartphone app. Depending on the event, location, or mood, you can change the LED colors to match another garment or accessory. Or change colors in time to the beat of music. Or just adjust the clothing color according to the weather.

Elizabeth and Luis Fraguada, the designers, used Rhino for the drawing of the digitally fabricated (laser cut) pieces where the illumination occurs. They now use Rhino extensively for the garment pattern drafting and archiving.

Jorge & Ester are currently taking orders for custom pieces from interested clients. Plans are to eventually produce small runs (approximately 100 pieces of each garment) of the current collection of three pieces:  jacket, tunic, and open-backed dress. The laser cut piece within each garment can be customized to another pattern, such as polka dots, flowers, lines, etc.

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