Monday, November 11, 2013

New EvoluteTools PRO features

EvoluteTools PRO is used by the industry's most reputable companies to turn high-end, breathtaking free-form designs into cost effective, real world structures faithful to the initial design intent. Award winning designs like KREOD, the highly prestigious Eiffel Tower Pavilions, the Baku Funicular stations, the Beaublanc Stadium, or the CCV are just a few of the many projects made possible with EvoluteTools PRO.

Ever-growing, robust and versatile, the Rhino plug-in now packs new features for your delight. The 64-bit compatibility, cylinder fitting, developable lofting, panel repetition maximization and node axis optimization are just a few of the most requested functions available now.
  • EvoluteTools PRO - Developable lofting
    Lofting of developable strip surfaces between pairs of curves.
  • EvoluteTools PRO - Panel fitting
    Approximation of surfaces with simplified surface types, e.g. cylinders, cones, and many more. Very extensive options exist.
  • EvoluteTools PRO - Panel repetition maximization
    Clustering of flat panels (triangles, quads, ...), which lowers the number of unique panels, parts, etc.
  • EvoluteTools PRO - Mesh statistics
    Evaluating diverse criteria related to the buildability and cost of surfaces panelised using flat panels, e.g.: Angles between panels, corner angles of panels, node torsion, edge lengths, distance from a reference surface, (un)planarity of panels, etc. This module can easily be customized.

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