Friday, March 1, 2013

Fun new custom display for Rhino 5

display modes composite
Rhino 5 has many new properties to create advanced display modes. These are real-time, working modes.

Use the new features to create patent style drawings, blueprints, blackboard sketches, and simple bright displays. These modes can be used for display or print purposes.

Learn more:
Advanced Display Modes Tutorials


Anonymous said...

I know this is quite old, but wanted to check if anyone has the patent.ini file working well for them. I seem to get something similar with some fiddling, but the shadow hatch does not work at all and seems to not display on any surfaces and take up the entire background instead.

Brian James said...

This mode is working as shown here so I believe your issue is due to a graphics card that doesn't support OpenGL fully or an older graphics card driver being used. Can you send a screenshot of your Options>View>OpenGL page to please and also a screenshot of what you see in the display?