Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Updated KeyShot 4 plugin for Rhino

KeyShot 4, a plugin for Rhino, has reached a next level. When you download the plug-n for KeyShot 4, you can now link KeyShot and Rhino together. Now you can continue to work on your design and update the model inside KeyShot with a simple button push. All your materials, animations, lighting, camerasimply everythingwill be maintained. Do this today, tomorrow, or next week. All you need to do is open your model in Rhino, and the scene in KeyShot, and you are live linked!


  • Maintain color and texture assignments
  • Maintain layer structure
  • Hidden objects on layers stay hidden
  • KeyShot 4: Live linking–update model inside KeyShot
  • Export to bip without KeyShot installed
  • Rhinoceros 4 or 5
  • KeyShot 4 or 3
  • Windows 7,8 32/64-bit


Matthew Gueller said...

I have tried this plugin with Keyshot 4 on Rhino 5 (64-bit). This is really slick. It works very well and the live update is really nice.

Keyshot 4 is a step improvement over 3 and a worthy upgrade.


kenneth cheung said...

How do you possibly export the Rhino Camera into Keyshot 4? I do not think it works.

Brian James said...

Hi Kenneth,

I'm not sure if there is a preferred method for this. I'd suggest contacting the KeyShot support people to see if they have an known workflow.