Friday, August 10, 2012

Parametric Design workshop, Cincinnati

Parametric Design: Introduction to Grasshopper and Performance Driven Design

18-19 August 2012*
Cincinnati, OH

Parametric Design is a two-day workshop covering fundamental principles and concepts of using Grasshopper integrated within a performance driven design pipeline. Participants will learn the essential skills of manipulating geometry using various computational methods. More...

Topics include:
  • Parametric design concepts
  • Computation for Performance Driven Design
  • Morphing geometry and biomimicry
  • Surfaces and meshes
Demonstrations include:
  • Image based tessellation
  • Pattern making
  • Paneling with adaptive objects
  • Box morphing and variations
  • Vertex color based object morphing, integrating Maya with Grasshopper
  • Geometry manipulation based on the solar data from Ecotect and Vasari
*Registration Deadline: 15 August 2012

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