Friday, August 31, 2012

Neon 1.0 Beta 9 Now Available

There's a new Neon!

This one is a fairly minor update.  There are some optimizations to make it faster, but nothing dramatic.  There are also some bug fixes.

A complete list of changes from Beta 8 are below

  • Many optimizations and fixes.
  • Improved dynamic dragging performance.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed enabling the Sun or the RDK skylight adding the light to the scene when the active lighting method is not "Scene Lighting".
  • Fixed moving an object with a custom render mesh causing an error condition "Primitive instance not found" when the custom render mesh and regular render mesh count were different.
  • The beta expiry warning doesn't pop under the splash screen
  • Old files (written prior to January 2012) can be written to.
  • The name of the Neon mode is now "Raytraced with Neon" to avoid problems with command line input.

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