Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SnSScript WIP: Scan&Solve™ scripting plugin for Rhino

The Work In Progress (WIP Version 2012.6.8.0) of the Scan&Solve™ Scripting plugin for Rhino is now available to owners of Academic and Commercial licenses of Scan&Solve™. It will operate until July 8, 2012. This scriptable version of Scan&Solve™ allows users to automate simulation processes that otherwise require user interaction. In the scriptable version, most of the functionality of the original Scan&Solve™ plugin is exposed for calls from RhinoScript, including simulation setup, simulation computation, and solution visualization and querying. 

The 32-bit version of the Scan&Solve™ scripting plugin works with Rhino 4 (SR9) and the 32-bit version of Rhino 5. A 64-bit version of the plugin is also available. It works with the 64-bit version of Rhino 5.

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