Monday, June 25, 2012

Generative geometric modeling

Generative geometric modeling: an algorithmic approach

This thesis by Antonio Turiello analyzes an approach to generative modeling based on the algorithmic logic through some applications in the field of geometric modeling. The methodological evolution in digital age can be understood in the meaning that modeling assumes in generative design, becoming an integral part of the generation process of a more unique solution. The algorithm is the description of the logical process that enables an approach to generative modeling both intuitive and versatile. The tool used in the algorithmic approach is the plug-in Grasshopper, a visual editor for scripting applied to the modeling software Rhino.

In the thesis are some generative algorithms for analyzing the above approach:
  • Ruled surfaces
  • Loft Surfaces
  • Shape tweens
  • Attractors
Real modeling tools illustrate the results as well as briefly describe the procedures to realization, coming to some conclusions about the algorithmic approach used and its productive potential in the design.

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