Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Orca3D WIP 1.2.1

Available now - the release of a new Work-in-Progress (WIP) version of Orca3D. This new version (1.2.1) contains several new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Some highlights include:
  • OrcaStraightenPoints: Added a new command to place control points (or point objects) in a straight line in 3D, or in the 2D projection of a line.
  • Lines Drawing: Sections in the lines drawing are put on layers that mimic the Orca3D section layers in the model.
  • Lines Drawing Fixes: Addressed issue with diagonals being offset when the full hull was sectioned, addressed issue with scaling when the full hull was sectioned, all lines are now drawn on the same plane.
  • Stability Criteria Fixes: Calculation of Hybrid Ratio corrected, calculation of areas under curves corrected, corrected calculation of heavy lifting and icing heeling arms.
  • Resistance Prediction Fixes: Added total propulsive power output (PpTotal) to CSV export of planing hull and displacement hull analyses.
  • Lightweight Extrusion Objects: Fixed a bug in copying weight/cost data when copying lightweight extrusion objects in Rhino 5
This WIP will expire on January 31st. Either the final version of Orca3D 1.2 will be released before then, or a new WIP will released.

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