Friday, September 23, 2011

1st International Textile Architecture Seminar - Spain

1st International Textile Architecture Seminar - Spain
Oct 26-28, 2011
Universidad de Castilla La Mancha - School of Architecture
Toledo, Spain
  • Topics: The current world of Textile Architecture. The planning, design, and increasingly frequent inclusion of high-tech membrane structures within the modern architecture. Likewise, the rising importance and popularity of this global industry.
  • Contents: Comprehensive review of various aspects of the Textile Architecture, such as the evolution of the industry; fundamentals, design and engineering of membrane structures; introduction to ixForTen; structural analysis, physical and mechanical properties of materials and Lab test, among others. In addition, the functional and well-balanced design of forms in Textile Architecture and the actual implementation in the production of membrane structures, through the depiction of international projects including those specializing in stadium tensile architecture. Finally, the seminar includes an optional visit to the manufacturing site of Carpatec in Madrid, along with a demonstration on production and installation of small membranes.
  • Software presentations: ixForTen and RhinoMembrane

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