Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Python for Rhino Online Training, Oct 29

Python for Rhino Online Training
Date: Saturday, October 29
Time: Noon - 2 pm (Eastern)
Cost: US$100 (US$150 after Oct 7)

Join presenter Skylar Tibbits for the upcoming Python for Rhino Online Training. The training is designed for Rhino users new to scripting, RhinoScript (VB) users looking to convert to Python or Python users looking to use Rhino. The goal is to give attendees an understanding the basics of programming, how to write simple scripts, automate tasks and generate geometry.

Topics covered will include: Running Scripts, Syntax, Data Types, Variables, Flow Control and Tuples/Lists/Dictionaries

Skylar Tibbits is a lecturer at MIT's Architecture Department, the Founder/Principal of SJET LLC and a 2011 TED Fellow.

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