Tuesday, May 24, 2011

AA Summer DLAB - London

AA Summer DLAB // 18-29 July // Architectural Association, London

Summer DLab experiments with digital design tools and rapid prototyping techniques as integrated systems of design development. Taking advantage of its unique location within the AA premises in the heart of the London, the workshop will create a vibrant atmosphere not only through its rigorous studio work, but also by its public lecture program that will share the diverse expertise of professionals from London’s leading offices in the areas of digital design and fabrication techniques.

Experimentation with digital tools and physical assembly techniques will be demonstrated through projects that explore a workflow between computational software, engineering-related analysis and digital assembly procedures leading to physical fabrication.

Participants will have full access to the AA Digital Prototyping Lab for the fabrication of prototypes and models in various mediums and materials, such as 2D milling (laser cutting), 3D milling (CNC), 3D printing and other forms of physical production.

The deadline for applications is 27 June. A late deadline of 11 July is also in effect, but this will incur a £50 surcharge. Application forms and additional information are available online at http://www.aaschool.ac.uk/STUDY/VISITING/d_lab.php and http://dlab.aaschool.ac.uk/. Applications can be submitted to visitingschool@aaschool.ac.uk.

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