Wednesday, May 11, 2011

EvoluteTools for Rhino 1.1

EvoluteTools for Rhino is an advanced Rhino plugin suite providing access to powerful geometry processing algorithms through a user-friendly interface.

Established computational tools from Evolute's core software library, as well as groundbreaking technology from our cutting edge research results, provide you with functionality not offered by any other system. EvoluteTools for Rhino is available in several modules, building upon each other, targeting architects, designers, manufacturers, and constructors.

New in EvoluteTools 1.1:
  • Display detailed version information when loading plugin.
  • Documentation for FairnessSprings was missing.
  • Improved usability of floating license configuration (KeepLocal=Yes or KeepLocal=No).
  • Added support for floating licenses via an online license server.
  • Added command etWeld for simplifying the creation of coarse meshes for use with etSubdivide.
  • Mesh analysis commands now support PolyMeshes.
  • etSetVerticesCoplanar can now be used to constrain vertices to a given plane surface, or to planes parallel to a given plane surface.
  • etMeshCut and etMeshLoopCut now support vertex selection, enabling their use for PolyMeshes.
  • New commands etMeshDeleteEdge, etMeshDeleteFace, etMeshDeletePolyline, etMeshDeleteVertex.
  • New subdivision rules for creating strip models from quad meshes, see etSubdivide and etSetRulingDirection.
  • Many bug fixes.

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