Friday, January 14, 2011

User Meeting in Tel Aviv

RhinoSchool Israel, Authorized Rhino Reseller and Trainer, is pleased to announce the 1st Rhino User Meeting in Israel.

- When: January 25, 2011
- Where: Kavim Banamal (Tel Aviv Harbor)
- Contact: Amir Lipsicas

- Program:

  • Modeling test case – Complex modeling – Amir Lipsicas, Product Designer.
  • 3D Rendering – Inon Green, Product Designer and Animator.
  • Integratiing Rhino with other softwares – Combining 3D models with live videos – Mr. Ken (Menachem) Altras
  • Announce of the winners of the 1st "Designed by Rhino" competition by RhinoSchool Israel.
  • Food and wine

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