Thursday, January 6, 2011

New release of SectionTools for Rhino 5

A new release of SectionTools plug-in is now available with the latest Rhino 5 WIP of January 5, 2011. You can find download instructions and documentation at SectionTools wiki page.

SectionTools is a dynamic sectioning plug-in from RhinoLabs to help generate and update 3D sections and their 2D layouts. The plug-in has editing, viewing and reporting tools to effectively manage big set of sections.

New in this release:

  • Updated section creation commands to add section hint that consists of a cut line (with arrows pointing to section direction) and a text dot to indicate section name. The new section cut lines can now be used to select sections. All commands that require selecting sections were updated to support selecting sections directly by selecting cut lines or from a list.
  • Added a new command "stEditSectionsHint" to edit, show and hide cut lines and text.
  • Updated File I/O to save hint scale and hint display state to file. Files created with earlier versions should load just fine.
  • Added UpdateSection command to update one section at a time.
  • Changed stUpdate command name to stUpdateAllSections.
  • Section clipping planes used to hide when updating sections. This is now fixed to retain their show/hide state.
  • Updated dynamic feedback when creating sections.
  • Fixed stMake2D when using extrusion objects.
  • Fixed duplicate layout dot bug when calling layout command on existing layout.
  • Fixed a bug when calling layout command on existing layout. It is used to delete objects other than section data.
  • Made layout title dot locate at some distance from the layout instead of overlapping with the baseline.
  • Fixed reporting bug when objects have no names. Rhino used to hang.
  • Updated toolbars and manual and short clips in the SectionTools wiki page. Also added new short clip to show how to select sections interactively and edit them with "stEditSectionsHint".

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