Friday, January 14, 2011

Bau 2011 - Rieder fibre C plugin powered by Evolute

The Rieder fibre C plugin for Rhino powered by Evolute aims at seamless integration of the fibre C technology into your processes. The fibre C plugin will assist you in all stages from design to production:

  • Analyze the quality and feasibility of your design with respect to the fibre C technology.
  • Obtain a cost estimation.
  • Manage and Track the fibre C panels production process by accessing up-to-date production information from Rieder directly via the fibre C plugin.
Evolute is looking forward to seeing you at the Rieder booth of the BAU building trade exposition 2011 in Munich and giving you a demo of the fibre C plugin prototype.

Looking for a challenge? Evolute is hiring!

Are you interested to join Evolute in their fascinating endeavor to revolutionize free-form architecture? Check out the job offers.

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