Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Grasshopper

Grasshopper 0.8.0004 is available to download.

Enhancements include:
  • Improved Drag+Drop GUI for gh and ghx files.
  • Added undo recording to Curve Point Component drags
  • Added Ctrl+Enter and Shift+Enter overloads for setting persistent data via parameter menus.
  • Slider Animations can now be aborted with Escape.
  • Added non-functional Manage-List GUI to the Generic parameter.
  • Added more smarts to the automatic cluster input/output lists.
  • Added Ctrl+W shortcut to Close document menu item.
  • Explode Tree component now uses base-zero numbering in the output.
  • Arc3Pt and ArcSED components now output lines if the input is co-linear.
  • Fixed sticky settings not being recorded when Rhino is shut down while Grasshopper is still running.
  • Fixed a bug with Curve -> Interval auto-casting.
  • Fixed tooltips showing for hidden widgets.
  • Fixed a bug with Cluster output parameter sorting.
  • Boxes would not bake if the axis intervals were reversed, this is fixed.
Check out one of the newest Grasshopper plug-ins:
  • Karamba is an interactive structural analysis program. Here is a video on using Karamba with Galapogos to find an optimal solution.
Here are some more Grasshopper plugs-ins:
  • Firefly - bridges Grasshopper, the Arduino micro-controller, the internet and beyond. Allowing near real-time data flow between the digital and physical worlds, and will read/write data to/from internet feeds, remote sensors and more.
  • Kangaroo - Live physics
  • Geco - Link to Ecotect
  • WeaverBird - Catmull-Clark smoothing, Loop smoothing, Sierpinski Triangles, Sierpinski carpet, Mesh Primitives, and Loop subdivisions
  • Rabbit - L-Systems and Cellular Automata
  • Galapagos - Evolutionary Solver (included with Grasshopper 0.8)
  • SSI - Data exchange with IFC, GSA, Robot, SAP2000, Sofistik, Strand7, SpaceGass, SDNF, CIS/2, Digital Project, REVIT, Bentley and Tekla
  • DIVA - sustainable design with Radiance, Daysim, and Evalglare
  • GHowl - connect Grasshopper with Excel files, iPads, iPods, iPhones, Processing, Pachube, etc.

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