Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SectionTools plug-in for Rhino 5 WIP

A new release of SectionTools plug-in is now available with the latest Rhino 5 WIP of December 14, 2010. You can find download instructions and documentation at SectionTools Wiki page.

SectionTools is a dynamic sectioning plugin from RhinoLabs to help generate and update 3D sections and their 2D layouts. The plug-in has editing, viewing and reporting tools to effectively manage big set of sections.

In this release:

  • Added new command "stEditSections" to edit sectioning options such as solid mode, direction and attributes. stEditSectionHatch and stSectionDir are now part of the new command.
  • Combined "stView", "stSetCPlaneToSection" and "stSetViewToSection" into one new command “stViewSections”. You can now “Clip”, “SetView” and “SetCPlane” all in one step.
  • Added support for persistent options to stCreate, stCreateArray and stViewSections commands.
  • Fixed a bug when flipping section direction.
  • 2D Layout now outputs curves, solids and hatched to 3 different sub-layers. This will help assign different layer attributes to each one.
  • Made it more reliable to view section curves, surfaces and hatches.
  • Fixed CPlane alignment bug.
  • Added a new item to "SolidMode" option in stCreate and stCreateArray commands. It allows adding both hatches and surfaces at the same time.
  • Added enhancements to stMoveSections command. Dragging sections' now gives real-time feedback of intersections and section clipping plane location.
  • When creating sections, selecting objects is now a separate step from options. This way it will be possible to preselect objects and change options.
  • Fixed duplicate 2D layout bug.
  • Enhanced reporting output.
  • Fixed a crash bug when saving as V4 then open in V5.
  • Many other minor bug fixes.
  • Added nine new short clips and updated toolbars and help manual.

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clem clements said...

This is a little late in asking but I was wondering if you knew how to recompile SectionTools so that it will run under Rhino v5 for OSX.