Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ship Hull Design Training with T-Splines for Rhino

Ship Hull Design Training with T-Splines for Rhino
by RhinoCentre NL
Vijfhuizen (near Amsterdam) - The Netherlands
Dec 8-9

T-Splines modeling technology makes it possible to design ship hulls, yachts and free form superstructures in Rhino like never before. In the marine industry there's no comparable modeling tool as powerful as the T-Splines/Orca3D/Rhino combination.

Both high quality as fast results make it possible to model fair ship hulls in little time. The tight integration with Orca3D offers even more functionality for analysis and modeling power.
T-Splines can be applied in preliminary design as well as preparing ship hulls for production.

More information and a demo video is published in Rhino Report blog.

In this training you will learn:
• Basic understanding of T-Splines surfaces
• Working with the T-Splines user interface
• How to use an existing NURBS surface as input for T-Splines
• Several techniques to start modeling a surface from scratch
• Techniques to edit the shape
• Analyzing the quality of the shape
• Adding detail
• Converting back to NURBS
• Integration with Orca3D

About the trainer

Gerard Petersen (T. +31 6 26532891) is naval architect, founder of RhinoCentre and one of the top experts worldwide in the application of Rhino in the marine industry. He uses Rhino and related plug-ins extensively in his own design office http://www.scheepsbouwkunst.nl/.

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