Friday, November 26, 2010

Concrete 3D printed sculpture by Rinus Roelofs

Rinus Roelofs created recently a sculpture for the Arte Sella park (Italy).
The sculpture is designed in Rhino and printed in concrete, using the latest technology from D-Shape, a huge concrete 3D printer.

"I came in contact with Enrico Dini (the inventor of the machine) at the University of Eindhoven (WAAS conference 2009 - I was there to give a Grasshopper workshop). After his presentation it was immediately clear to me that I had to go to Pisa, where the printer is located, for the realisation in stone of some of my Rhino designs. This year a complete new printer is build with many improvements based on the experiences with their first printer. The new printer came in use only 4 months ago. And after some experiments, failures and adjustments of my Rhino-model, the sculpture came out very well. It was good to work with the people of Dinitech. And I will be happy to start a next project with them."

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