Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rhino training on

Dave Schultze of SchultzeWORKS designstudio has just announced the worldwide release of Rhino 4 Essential Training, the first Rhino course for, the industry leader in online digital education.

The course is comprised of sixty separate videos organized into twelve chapters, with a total running time of six hours.

Comments from
“Dave Schultze is a compelling artist and a wonderful instructor,” said George Maestri, Associate Program Director at Lynda. com. “He’s terrific at making complex topics seem simple, and his visual skills make his courses engaging on a creative level as well. We’re very happy to have Dave as a author.”


Anonymous said...

I signed up to Lynda just for this course.
It was excellent. Even though it was basic it has lots of great disciplines, principals & tricks.
Please do another one more advanced!
There is so little online training for Rhino compared to other 3D programs!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this first Rhino Course on Please do another more advanced.