Thursday, April 15, 2010

PanelingTools for Rhino updated

A new release of PanelingTools plug-in for Rhino 4.0 (SR7) and Rhino 5 (32- and 64-bits) is available for download. In this release:

  • Redesigned grid by surface UV algorithm. It is much faster now with resulting panels aligning with surface iso curves.
  • Added "MakeCompatible" option to ptMeanCurves to keep input curves structure unchanged.
  • Fixed a bug ptGridSurfaceDomainVariable when changing methods option.
  • Added new option "OrderMethod" to help order curves in ptGridUCurves command.
  • Fixed a ptChangeGridDensity bug. It used to change density in one direction but not the other.
  • Updated ptShiftGrid command to accept pre-selection.
  • Fixed ptManage2DPattern bug related to saving and loading patterns while inside the command.
  • Fixed menu bug in ptManage2DPattern which used to point to the wrong command.
  • Fixed a paneling bug to preserve input module attributes (color, material, etc) when populating components.

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