Saturday, April 17, 2010

Orca3D update available

An update to Orca3D has been released with many new and enhanced features. A few of these improvements include:

  • New Foil Assistant
  • Updated Hull Assistant allows you to parametrically produce hull shapes. The Assistant has been vastly improved, allowing much better control and management of the shape
  • User may now specify the longitudinal, transverse, and vertical coordinate directions
  • User-defined list of hydrostatic properties (up to 4) displayed in realtime and Hull Assistant hydrostatics
  • Export of csv file with hydrostatics and stability results; easy to import into CE-Pro
  • Custom loading conditions for hydrostatics and stability calculations
  • Full T-Splines compatibility
This update is free for existing Orca3D customers. Video demonstrations of the new features can be viewed on the Orca3D web site. Download now...

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