Friday, May 29, 2009

Advanced Grasshopper Workshop in Pasadena, June 12th

Forward Design Office in Pasadena, California recently held an introductory Grasshopper workshop. It was such a success that they have asked Andrew Payne to return and conduct a one-day Advanced Grasshopper workshop.

Date: Friday, June 12
Hours: 9:30am-5:30pm
Location: Forward Design Office
Cost: US$250.00

This class will build upon the techniques explored during the first workshop and will require a basic knowledge of the software. This class will begin to address how Grasshopper can be used as an integral part of the entire building design and fabrication process. Attendees will work on a series of examples that will demonstrate how they can create parametric models that can compliment a number of different modes of fabrication (i.e. CNC mill, laser cutter, area calculations, panel systems, formatting information for custom spreadsheets, etc). If you are interested in registering for this workshop, please contact Jeffrey Kim.

This workshop is open to professionals and students; laptops required.

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