Friday, August 15, 2008

Updated BoxEdit Labs Plugin Available

The BoxEdit plugin for Rhino 4 will allow you to numerically size, scale, position, and rotate objects based on their bounding box. This plugin requires Rhino 4 SR3 or greater.


Anonymous said...

Great plugin. I've gotten used to this type of behavior in Corel Draw and really missed it in Rhino.

One wishlist item- it would be great if the parameters you apply to a shape were retained if you select the item again in the future. For instance, if you scale the item by a factor of 2 it would show 2 in the scale fields if you select the item in the future.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Plug-in, This has got to be the most significant improvement to the usability & ergonomics of use of what is already a good 3D design program.
I am a hard core Corel Draw user & this method of object manipulation is the best, so very intuitive.
For months I have tried programming rhinoscript to do something similar but this plug-in puts my attempts to shame(Limitations of rhino script mainly).
Would it be easy to implement an "Apply to duplicate" button to make a copy of the object. Would be a nice feature.
Thank you, now I can really get to work.

Qld Australia