Saturday, August 9, 2008

RhinoScripting workshops

Thanks to Pablo Herrera's up-to-date RhinoScripting workshop schedule, here is what is coming in August through November:

  • Summer shop series
    LAN Live Architecture Network
    IaaC Institut d’Arquitectura Avançada de Catalunya
    BARCELONA. 08-22 August, 2008
    Instuctores: Luis Fraguada, Monika Wittig, Shane Salisbury, Mariano Arias-Diez.
    Informes y formulario de Inscripción PDF
  • RhinoScript workshop
    McNeel USA
    SEATTLE. 26-27, August, 2008
    Instructor: David Rutten
    Details HTML
  • Atelier RhinoScript pour professionnelsMcNeel Europa
    PARIS. 22-23 September, 2008
    Instuctor: Marc Fornes
    Informes HTML
    Formulario de Inscripción HTML
  • RhinoScripting (Visual Basic Script) and digital fabrication
    BARCELONA. 07-11 November, 2008
    Instructor: Workshops Factory Team
    Detailed theme and program will be published shortly. Keep your schedule open.

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