Thursday, August 7, 2008

Rhino 4.0 SR4 Final Release Candidate Available

Rhino 4.0 Service Release 4 will be released on Monday August 11, 2008. SR4 will be available via Check for Updates on that day, and we will also begin production of a new batch of Rhino 4.0 CDs.

There has been a lot of testing on SR4 and we're confident that it's a major improvement over SR3. Please Download Rhino 4.0 SR4 now, and let us know if you experience any problems.

New in Rhino 4.0 SR4:

  • CurveThroughPt: Control points and edit points can now be selected as input.
  • SelMappingWidget: New command - Selects the texture mapping widget. Enhanced Features:
  • Sweep1: Road-like Top is now "session sticky" and reverts back to Freeform between sessions. Bug Fixes:
  • Crashes and instability problems fixed, including:
    • Crash during open, save, or import on some newer ACER computers.
    • BackgroundBitmap: When a background bitmap file was deleted, Rhino could crash on startup.
    • CPlane
    • Export
    • ExtractControlPolygon
    • Join: An intermittant crash in the code that joins curves has been fixed.
    • Open:LWO: Crash opening Lightwave files.
    • Paste: Holding Ctrl+V to paste objects caused Rhino to close.
    • Toolbar command crashed Rhino on Vista Home Basic OS.
  • Dozens of other bug fixes and enhancements. For a complete list and to download, visit

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