Monday, June 23, 2008

VisualARQ for Rhino Beta 1 announced

VisualARQ is an application designed for the architectural sector. It uses the accessible and intuitive Rhino interface, providing the tools which make the architectural design process and its documentation much easier to handle.

VisualARQ’s architectural objects are parametric; this means that you can define, vary and edit their pre-set values at any time. Automatic recalculation adjusts them to these changes. This makes the work process more efficient and offers endless possibilities.

In addition to being parametric, VisualARQ architectonic objects are also “intelligent”, as they behave like the real components they represent, thereby facilitating creating and editing processes: The door and window elements are associated with the walls they belong to; when any of these elements are moved, modified or removed, the wall is automatically updated adapting to the change. Railings and stairs work in the same way. VisualARQ can also automatically resolve buttresses and wall intersections.

VisualARQ Beta 1 fixes all existing bugs found in the previous WIP versions and adds new features as well as restyled toolbars.

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