Friday, June 20, 2008

HyperShot for Rhino

LONG BEACH, CA, June 19, 2008 – Bunkspeed announced today the beta release of its hyperShot® plug-in for Rhino.

This free Rhino plug-in allows users to assign hyperShot materials inside Rhino to their model and to layers. All material, texture, layer, and camera information is maintained in the Rhino model and is pushed to hyperShot when the Rhino render button is clicked.


Unknown said...

Superb! This tool looks great.

Congratulation also for very good blog!

Mania said...

I have a problem here! can someone help me out? regarding hypershot in rhino ...

I have 100 surface in one layer , they are grouped to each other but not join.. I tried to assign material to the layer but i it did not work , so i ended up assigning material to each surface.. it sounds strange if i have to do this all over .. can someone suggest how is it possible to assign material to the entire layer?