Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rayflectar Graphics - Timer Utility, etc.

Thomas Anagnostou at Rayflectar Graphics has been kind enough to share the many tools he has developed for his own in-house use.

The latest is a Project Timers for automatic tracking of project time. This free utility helps keep track of time spent on Rhino projects and other documents.

Other free utilities and scripts include:

Units Converter Tool - Calculate conversions between units. This is a free utility that helps in conversion of multiple units at a once..

Gear Generator - Involute Gear Generator

Harmony - Manipulate clusters of objects
This is a script to distribute various transformation aspects to any number (cluster) of objects, such as distribution of:

  • Equidistance (distribute object equally spaced)
  • Alignment (align to any of x,y axis or to the curvature of a surface)
  • Object displacement (controlled by surface deltas)
  • Rotation (constant to any of x,y,z axis, or controlled by surface deltas)
  • Scale (constant to any of x,y,z axis, or controlled by surface deltas)
  • Jitter (displacement, rotation or scale randomness to any of x,y,z directions or controlled by surface deltas)
IsoMatch - Isometric view match
The user can draw any two planar lines representing the X and Y-axis of an axonometric view and the script will convert a perspective viewport to a parallel view with corresponding camera angle. If the user constructs the XY guides with a specific angle (eg 30-30) then the result will be an isometric view..

MinBox - Minimum Bounding Box
This is a RhinoScript to generate the minimum bounding box of any 3D object (or objects) including planar objects..

CameraLine - Manipulate Camera-Target
This simple Rhino script fits the current camera-target to any line segment. It is possible to either extract a line representing the current camera-target, or assign the camera to a new line. This is also a good way to have a number of lines (as a visual cue) of several possible camera locations. Use this tool to fine-tune focal distances (accurate adjustment of Depth-of-Field) for render engines such as Maxwell.

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