Thursday, October 13, 2011

Turn your iPad into a 3D controller

Yes, the iPad is designed for reading, gaming, and media consumption, but the next generation of tablet innovation lies in how tablets interact with your other devices. 

Using the multi-touch capability of the iPad, Maide turned it into a powerful new input device for your desktop computer and Rhino

It allows multiple iPads to connect to one computer simultaneously, can be used while modeling and during collaborative design sessions. Most importantly, it allows you to unchain themselves from their computers while presenting their designs. After connecting over a wifi network, you can pan, orbit, and zoom a model on your desktop computer, snap to orthogonal views, control your mouse and keyboard, take quick renders and even activate commands. 

Maide, a mobile software startup in Toronto, has an ambitious rethinking of how tablets will be used in the future, starting with how we interact with 3D programs.

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