Saturday, October 8, 2011

Orca3D WIP 1.2.0 available

A new Work-in-Progress (WIP) version of Orca3D is available.  This new version (1.2.0) contains several new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Some highlights include:

  • Support for floating network licenses.
  • Support for Rhino 5, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  • Automated evaluation of intact stability criteria. (It's likely that this feature will not be in the final release, but will continue in WIP releases until it is finished.)
  • Realtime sectional area curves, as the model is being modified, including the ability to input and display a "target" sectional area curve.
  • New command to align selected points (including surface/curve control points) along a straight line in two or three dimensions.
  • Tools to insert and delete control net rows and columns, without removing chines (which the Rhino command does).
  • A new hull assistant for rigid inflatable boats (RIBs).
  • Export of ORC offset files.
  • Ability to enable/disable individual weight/cost items, which affects the weight/cg used in hydrostatics calculations and the list of items included in the weight/cost report.
  • A pre-float check to do basic validation of the model prior to running hydrostatics. This catches the most common sources of error (e.g., inconsistent outward normals).
  • Ability to create custom report formats, using Microsoft's SQL Server 2008 Report Builder (a free download).
  • General improvements to the hull assistants (input controls, user-defined sections, display of the control net, etc.).
  • Added option to output the Resistance Analysis (planing or displacement) in csv format.
  • Support for blocks in Weight & Cost.
  • Weight & Cost Material Libraries may now be imported and exported in csv format.
  • Weight & Cost Report may now include grouping (by Rhino groups or by layers).
  • Improved OrcaViewports functionality.
To download the new version:
  • Click here for the 32-bit version (Rhino 4 SR9 or later, or Rhino 5 (32-bit))
  • Click here for the 64-bit version (Rhino 5 64-bit)


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