Friday, October 7, 2011

Rhino.Python workshop in London

Python in Rhinoceros two-day workshop
Nov 21-22, 2011
Simply Rhino UK, London

For designers and engineers who want to lay the foundation for Rhino.Python scripting, as well as RhinoScript users who want to stay up to date, this workshop will convey necessary ideas and tools to successfully code geometry in Rhino 5 on Windows and Mac.

As a participant, you will be guided through the details of this new and friendly programming language in Rhino, including: automating commands at necessity with macros, performing calculations, making decisions after iterating code and manipulating several data structures. Also, we will study how to couple Python’s iteration and recursion powers to extend Grasshopper.


This course is divided in 4 units of 4 hours, for a total of two days. We will start by running scripts with the editor and then learn to write them by ourselves. We’ll also learn tricks to debug and to optimize our code. We will cover all Rhino’s geometrical base, building through vectors, points, curves, meshes surfaces and polysurfaces in order to achieve an understanding of the potential of each of these elementary types.


This course is intended for existing Rhino users who have a good working knowledge of 3D modeling.


After this course, participants have the basis to:

  • Understand how to run, edit and compose Python code for Rhino 5
  • Identify and correct common bugs that can prevent code from executing
  • Distinguish variables, functions and other procedural and object-oriented paradigms
  • Find their way to access available resources both online and offline


Giulio Piacentino (McNeel Europe)

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