Wednesday, July 21, 2021

food4Rhino webinar: Rhino.Inside BricsCAD BIM - July 29 at 5 PM CEST

Rhino.Inside BricsCAD® BIM. Where generative design meets BIM automation.

Explore parametric design variants with Rhino’s Grasshopper through BricsCAD® BIM, a strong .dwg based BIM platform. Move from concept to BIM in a fresh new way, with the unique combination of Rhino, Grasshopper, and BricsCAD® BIM. This seamless integration will take your generative design and free-form modeling to new levels. Discover how the Rhino.Inside® BricsCAD® BIM workflow enables you to create and iterate free-form or generative designs. Then transform your design into a data-rich Building Information Model from within your Grasshopper script. Or complete your workflow with integrated AI tools, such as BIMIFY that do the work with the click of a button. Join us to experience design freedom with a 3D workflow, not limited by pre-defined parts or library components.

Speaker: Fleur Dooms, BricsCAD BIM product specialist, brings her natural talent and enthusiasm for technology to Bricsys. Her passion is to pass on her expertise to anyone who even considers saying the word “BIM” and she is constantly looking for innovation and improvements. If you ever need someone to listen to your next great BIM or generative design idea, feel free to drop her a line!

Watch the presentation on youtube live on July 29th at 5 PM CEST... 

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