Thursday, June 11, 2020

Parametric Design for Cloud Applications Webinar sessions now online!

Did you miss the Parametric Design for Cloud Applications Webinar organized by ShapeDiver?

Don't worry! ShapeDiver has uploaded the three sessions to their YouTube Channel! Join Edwin Hernandez and Mathieu Huard as they go through the basics of Grasshopper optimization for cloud applications.

In Session 1 you'll learn things such as:
  • Which operations to avoid in order to make your definitions faster and more stable
  • Why it is important to use meshes instead of BReps when using ShapeDiver
  • How far you should go when optimizing your definitions
In Session 2  you'll learn two important topics related to Data Management:
  • Grasshopper Data Trees
  • JSON Objects
In Session 3 you'll learn everything related to:
  • ShapeDiver File Inputs (Text, Image Files, Geometry Files, etc.)
  • How to generate nested files, technical drawings and other types of exports
  • Preview of our upcoming webinar focused on our ShapeDiver API

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