Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Craftsmanship meets digital fabrication: Plant-based woven architecture program, August 19-29, Portugal

Passa Ao Futuro and Clara Lab
August 19-29, 2020
Alentejo, Portugal

Hands-on experience is crucial in the education of young designers. The Passa Ao Futuro and Clara Lab has organized this summer school program to strengthen the tradition of building and craftsmanship enhanced with the use of digital tools (Rhinoceros) and computer simulations (Grasshopper). 

The main goals of the workshop are:
  • Learn the principles of regenerative and bioclimatic design 
  • Learn how to acquire weather data and to use for environmental simulation 
  • Learn to use Grasshopper for environmental studies
  • Understand the principles of prototyping as a lean method for architectural design 
  • Applied plant-based design for architecture through traditional craft 
  • Learn how to weave with wicker and cane 
The expected outcome is two wooden frame structures covered by handwoven skins (local materials).

The workshop fee is €550,00 and includes accommodation, meals, and tuition.

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