Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Robotic Inform V1.0 workshop in Barcelona by DesignMorphine

Robotic Inform V1.0
January 24-26

The recent adaptation of industrial robots to architectural production has given rise to a new language of design numerically informed through computation. In a world where nearly everything built around us can be 3D printed, using digital and robotic fabrication equipment can investigate possibilities for expanding the geometric vocabulary, functional integration, and smart assembly logic. All in a way that develops new design methodologies that profit from those new technologies.

During this workshop, participants will focus on designing and producing a 1:1 scale prototype of a 3D printed chair through generative growth algorithms. They will be introduced to computer simulation to generate these designs with fabrication rules and constraints, ensuring that their designs can be ready for manufacturing and produced by several geometrical iterations through the same logic.

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