Thursday, October 10, 2019

Ivy plugin workshop in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

A workshop teaching the fundamentals of Ivy for Grasshopper
Hosted by Andrei Nejur

Cluj-Napoca, Romania
November 1-3

The workshop is for design enthusiasts who want to dive into parametric generation and fabrication fast using Grasshopper and Rhinoceros.

The aim is to present form generation and fabrication techniques assisted by algorithms. The workshop will introduce an entire flow from start to finish, in generating and producing a complex architectural shape. Final physical prototyping will be achieved using a CNC laser machine.

The workshop starts by introducing the Grasshopper platform and some extensions used to generate geometry. It continues with the production and assembly of the generated shapes, observing real-life applications, errors, and solutions.

Number of participants: 10-15 

  • Andrei Nejur, architect with 14 years experience in architecture and education. Researcher and expert in computational and generative design. Author of the Ivy for Grasshopper plugin.
  • Adrian Bizau, architect and specialist in computational design.

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