Friday, July 12, 2019

ICERM workshop: Illustrating Dynamics and Probability

A stable matching in the plane
Image credit: Alexander E. Holroyd
Picture based on research by Christopher Hoffman, Alexander Holroyd, and Yuval Peres

ICERM (The Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics)

November 11-15
Brown University
Providence, Rhode Island

This workshop will focus on the theoretical insights developed via illustration, visualization, and computational experimentation in dynamical systems and probability theory. 

Topics from complex dynamics: 
  • Dynamical moduli spaces and their dynamically-defined subvarieties
  • Degenerations of dynamical systems as one moves toward the boundary of moduli space
  • The structure of algebraic data coming from a family of dynamical systems
Topics from classical dynamical systems: 
  • Flows on hyperbolic spaces and Lorentz attractors
  • Simple physical systems like billiards in two and three-dimensional domains
  • Flows on moduli spaces
In probability theory, the workshop features random walks and continuous-time random processes like Brownian motion, SLE, and scaling limits of discrete systems.

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