Saturday, July 13, 2019

Designing orthotic footwear with Insole Designer and RhinoCAM

Headquartered in Italy, Duna Srl is a global company that produces off-the-shelf footwear products as well as custom orthotic footwear for clients with mobility handicaps. 

Duna has developed the Rhino plugin Insole Designer. This CAD program expedites the process of insole design using knowledge bases, templates, and specialized Rhino utilities. The result is a complete and accurate 3D NURBS polysurface model of the insoles ready to be housed inside the final shoe.

For CAM software, Duna uses RhinoCAM from MecSoft Corporation.

Insole Designer uses integrated insole databases and templates coupled with an assortment of specialized tools and utilities to create the prescribed insoles.

Insole Designer develops the complete contoured insole top and bottom, unlike other insole programs. The top fits the patient foot scan. The bottom and outer profiles fit Duna’s orthopedic shoe production. The result is a complete and custom fit while using minimal added insole material. 

You can read and see details in RhinoCAM Does Custom Orthotics in Italy! 

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