Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Intro to Parametric Modelling with Grasshopper and Rhino V1.0 By DesignMorphine (March 22–24, 2019) - Sofia, Bulgaria


Intro to Parametric Modelling with Grasshopper and Rhino V1.0 is an intensive course focused on the applications of parametric modeling and generative algorithms. Skill development on computational design and parametric strategies will lead to optimization through various parameters. The participants will be introduced to basic generative design using an iterative plugin.


The three-day intensive course will introduce the basics of Grasshopper and generative design, explaining fundamental geometry concepts and exploring different design options through parametrically defined models. Using Rhinoceros as a base environment, the basic parameters will be set. In Grasshopper, we will explore simple examples of parametric design. Students with zero to none experience will be able to understand algorithm-based methodology and manipulate it into various kinds of designs. On the last day students will be introduced to Anemone—a plugin for Grasshopper to use iterative systems in their design. They will also learn the essentials of KeyShot rendering to create a relevant preview for their design.

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