Tuesday, November 6, 2018

ThinkParametric: Deconstructing the Serpentine Wall

The team at Think Parametric will be offering a new online course, Deconstructing the Serpentine Wall. Watch their site for more details.

About the course:
In this course, instructor Brandon Gibbs walks you through the deconstruction of the Serpentine Wall. Brandon worked on this project while working at McCown Design. Brandon has a foundation at the Architectural Association with Patrik Schumacher of ZHA and Theo Spyropoulos of Minimaforms, and has continued to explore parametric design methods in architecture.

This course focuses on the whole workflow from design to standardizing to fabrication. It’s a great introduction of how to use parametric methods using Rhinoceros and Grasshopper. You’ll learn how to apply these methods not just in design, but most importantly in the construction, documentation and fabrication process. Read more...

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