Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Lumion LiveSync for Rhino now available

Immediately set up a live, realtime visualization between Rhino and Lumion. Change the Rhino model’s shape and you’ll see these changes taking place, in realtime, in Lumion’s breathtaking, lifelike environment.

As you continue modeling in Rhino, you can simultaneously view your project in Lumion surrounded by an immersive, fully featured landscape (mountains, water, grass). Beautiful materials make the design pop, as photorealistic lighting suddenly heightens your sense of environment, realism, and depth.

Realtime materials synchronization

Instantly breathe life into your synced Rhino model by applying any of Lumion’s 1000+ high-definition materials in the Lumion editor. As you continue to develop your design, you can tweak the materials precisely to your liking and then save your material layouts for future rendering.

Live point-of-view synchronization

LiveSync now enables live point-of-view synchronization. Turn it on and immediately adopt the Rhino camera perspective, making your work easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

Automatic model imports

When establishing the LiveSync connection, Lumion will automatically import your Rhino model. Continue working on and modifying your project even after you turn off LiveSync. And easily save the file as an .LS for future rendering or development.

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